Oils and greases

Offer of oils:

  • 10w40 4l
  • 10w40 50l

  • 5w30 4l
  • 5w30 58l

  • 5w30ll  4l

  • 5w40 4l
  • 5w40 50l
  • 5w40 58l

  • 5w40 DPF  4l
  • 5w40 DPF  58l

Hydraulic oils:

  • Arnica 32
  • Arnica 46

Write us a type, brand of oil or grease, amount and we will send you the price.(HERE)
If you have a specific type of oil or grease, send us an e-mail. (HERE)

Offer of greases:

  • Total multis EP2 kartuš 400g
  • Total multis complex EP2 kartuš(red) 400g
  • Total multis EP2-18kg
  • Total multis complex EP2-18kg